Best History’s Turns: Exploring Oh-My-God Road’s Scenic Adventure

Learn about its panoramic landscapes, historical significance, and tips for responsible exploration. Launch on a winding journey through stunning views and fascinating descents, all while prioritizing safety on this unique mountain path.


Oh-My-God Road is a very compelling drive located on the edge of Clear Creek and Gilpin counties in the U.S. state of Colorado. With space sufficient for hardly two cars to pass slowly, this road will feel a little risky to you. Experience Colorado’s gold rush past on the exciting but challenging Oh-My-God Road

 Distance of the Oh-My-God Road


The road, also understood as Virginia Canyon Road, is 12.23 km (7.6 miles) long, running south-north from the City of Idaho Springs at I-70 to Central City, around Highway 119.

A Look at the Terrain of Oh-My-God Road

The road is primarily unpaved. The path can be divided into 2 parts. One is equitably easy for any vehicle, and the other is a little more complicated. There is a short, paved area at the top, and the county is paving one mile of the road each year. Along the road, you will notice many useful roads running off. Oh-My-God Road can be done in a 2-wheel-drive car at the time the road is dry.

Origin of Oh-My-God Road’s Name


The road is difficult and will feel a little scary to you. It features 12% grade areas. The road calls its name from existing a two-way road that is only around a car and three-quarters wide, graveled, with no guard railings and washed-out shoulders. Not only are there no security rails, but a daring glimpse down shows incredible cliffs. It’s nominally a two-lane road, but you certainly can’t fit two cars beside here. One day the road can be soft and easy to move, the following, it can be full of washboards that will shake you right over the border if you aren’t alert. This unpaved road has few curb dams. Switchbacks are great, as are vertical drop-offs.

What You Need to Know About Oh-My-God Road’s Accessibility

This is a lofty mountain road, transcending out at 2.855m (9,366ft) beyond sea level. The route is generally open all year round, with the rare closure in winter due to unsafe weather situations.

Exploring the Scenery of Oh-My-God Road


The route passes via a historic mining country and the ghost town of Russel Gulch on the way to famous gambling villages. The road and the view it shows are rather unremarkable, with lots of hairpin curves as the road ascended, clutching the side of the mountain. It was earlier a major link between Idaho Springs and Central City. This road was necessary for many miners carrying stores to the center by horse and wagon in 1865. Once the railway had holidays in both cities the traffic along the road reduced greatly. Along this road a fantastic discount of mining action took place, some ruins still stay to this day and add to the history you get to see while hanging this trail. Oh my God Road shows visitors an exciting chance to run into Colorado’s gold rush past. Stunning views of both Central City and Idaho Springs conjure up images of these rip-snorting mining towns. Oh my God Road accesses about a dozen (closed) gold mines and at least 2 spirit villages.

Before You Go


Do your research: Learn about the current road conditions, weather forecasts, and potential hazards. Check if any closures or restrictions are in place.

Plan your trip: Choose a time with favorable weather and daylight hours. Be aware of the road’s length and estimated travel time.

Assess your skills and vehicle: This is a challenging mountain road. Ensure your driving skills and vehicle capabilities are suited for steep grades, narrow lanes, and uneven terrain.

Pack wisely: Bring essentials like water, snacks, a first-aid kit, and appropriate clothing for changing weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

Oh-My-God Road offers a unique combination of adventure and history, making it a compelling choice for thrill-seekers. Nevertheless, it’s a difficult mountain road with tight turns, steep drop-offs, and varying terrain. Consider your skill level and vehicle abilities before setting off.

If you choose to guide this compelling path, prioritize safety: move cautiously, be mindful of oncoming traffic, and appreciate the road’s inconsistent nature. The stunning views and historical conspiracy will be well worth the careful journey.

Remember, while the name might prompt a sense of danger, the experience relies on your approach and practice. Be smart, be safe, and enjoy the unique adventure that Oh-My-God Road offers!

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